Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dawn-like potential

Getting out of bed in the morning does not come naturally to me. Even still I go against my feelings and get out of bed anyway-why? Its because I believe there is something worthwhile to do that day, and before the day is over, I normally feel good about having gotten up. For example, this morning. Having only gotten about 3 hours of "real" rest between my sleep talking husband, my pacifier addicted son waking up without it every hour or so, and the strangest sounding frogs croaking their brains out just inches away from my window, I rose bright and early and put on my running shoes. Upon my return I felt good about overcoming my irritation by brut force. So in effort to continue this beautiful morning, I gathered up my family and we went for a swim, all before 9:30am. There is something to be said about the potential a surreal morning such as this one holds. I say all of this to help me explain my feelings about blogging. Truth be told, Im afraid of it. Will this turn out to be yet another place I have created to pour my guts out for no one to read? Who knows. But deep down inside of me I feel a tinge of potential for this palette I have yet to paint on. Therefore, I blog.


Brad Ramsey said...

Well here is some encouragement for you. Every morning you get up hoping to make a difference, trying to live right, and mostly just surviving... right!? You go from day to day living the mundane existence we all have to fight through and sometimes wonder if you have done anything, anything at all, that is eternal, that is tryly selfless and beautiful. Well, rest assured that your words and thoughts do not grace the "pages" of this blog without intent and purpose. You have no idea what a difference you make, and you may never truly know, but that should not deter you from your passion. Just as you have a innate drive to nuture and love your family that no had to teach you, so too, you have a God given gift and drive to write. He will bless you for using your passion to glorify Him even when it seems as if no one else is paying any attention. And it is by His choice and design that people will be affected. So, I say keep on writing... you rock!

Chris Freeland said...

At least you were able to drag yourself out of bed and ran this morning... personally, I rolled back over and used that 20 minutes to get 3:20 of good sleep last night. And to pay for it, I'll be running tonight when it's hot.

MOM said...

We all try to fit so much into each day - Bible reading, meditation, prayer, exercise, work, housekeeping, shopping, etc etc - and it's always a balance. The dog hair is piling up on the floor but I'm back on the treadmill - at least this week!

I love you and appreciate your wisdom so keep writing!

Magnanimity said...

This morning I did not want to get up. Did not want to go to chruch. Did not want to take care of my family and get them all there. Goes to show I am but flesh. Wasn't until I prayed, "Lord, get me there and help me make some difference." that my heart could get out of bed. If it were only what I got out of it, not sure I'd ever get up! I need to be on my bike again that early. Keep running. As a mom, the exercise clears your brain and give you more "RAM" I am convinced. Rode 15 mi. today. Read the story on my blog. Quite an adventure. And, I wonder if anyone reads, or if I even want them to as well. I think you learn to prioritize your life as you write. It reinforces your passions. Keep writing. Yes, I agree with Brad, you hvae skill. (And he has the gift of encouragment.)

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