Thursday, August 25, 2005

No more blind eyes

Ever since 1997 (when I became a Christian) I have had a soft spot for Africa. I thought this was a calling to take a missions trip there, which I am sure it still is, but it has become more than that. Recently several movies have been coming out about the Rwandan genocide in 1994. The most popular being Hotel Rwanda but another being Sometimes in April put together by HBO. And unless you are in a cave somewhere you have heard of the tragedy that AIDS has been causing out there and the millions of orphans that have been left stranded by this disease. I heard that the equivilent of three 9/11's (in deaths) are occuring daily in Africa. We were devestasted by that attack, imagine being in Africa where that has become commonplace. But its not enough to just know about it, we must do something. I dont know what that something for you may be but I cant allow people to continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening to our family in Africa. Therefore I have included a few website links to organizations that are working toward ending the destruction in this country. First there is ONE where you can take the political route toward fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa. Also there is INVISIBLE CHILDREN where you can help raise awareness that children are being abducted and recruited for rebel fighting troups and how organizations are raising funds to prevent this from continuing. Another way you can help is by going there. WATOTO CHILD CARE MINISTRIES is an organization that puts you right in the heart of an orphanage where you can help build and raise funds for schools, homes, and centers to help educate and house these victims of war and disease. If none of these sites work for you, then research some more- there are so many out there but they can only do so much without you! Stop being blind to the hurt that is going on in Africa and get involved.


Iz said...

Bethany, I so love your heart for the kids of Africa! Thank you for keeping this in our thoughts and prayers, and for nudging us to get involved. One person CAN make a difference.

Magnanimity said...

Wow, that's deep.

We also support through Compassion. A ministry we respect.

Thanks for the info. on things to watch. Keeps my heart tender to a problem easy to get hardened to.

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