Monday, September 26, 2005

Closer to home

My husband Nathan received the news last night that a friend of his, who he has been in email contact with from Iraq, has gone MIA (missing in action). For once, in the years that this whole thing has been taking place, it hit home that we are at war and we have begun to feel the gravity of this present situation. Finally, we are identifying with the families and the friends and the people who have carried the weight of this burden since shortly after 9/11. It breaks my heart to know that until now we have remained untouched and unchanged by this fight. Sure we have seen the gruesome news reports and paper articles about what is going on over there but thats just was "over there" and not right here. Almost an "out of sight- out of mind" sort of thing. I feel awful. How could I, being a person capable of the deepest emotions and compassion, have gone so long without really thinking upon the faces in Iraq? Instead I have tuned my ear only to the events of the war, the tasks completed and the steps taken. Sure, I have my opinions about the war (who doesnt?) but thats not the point. The bottom line is that I should never allow myself to go without thinking upon the people, on both "sides," that are risking their lives (and their family's security) for a cause that they whole heartedly believe in. That we could be so brave.

Please pray for our companion who has a wife and 2 kids waiting to hear of his whereabouts/outcome.

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Bethany Gaddis said...

We just received word that our friend is ok and has been in communication with his wife. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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