Friday, September 09, 2005

Football Season

Its that time of year again!! The football season has officially begun! I love football. Im even part of a fantasy football league with my husbands hometown friends/rivals. (Which if you arent a part of now, I reccommend getting involved with one or starting your own next year-Its a blast.) Football is such an invigorating game to me! I grew up watching it and I will grow old watching it. My husband and I are awaiting the days of sitting on the couch and watching hours upon hours of endless football every Sunday (and some on Monday nights too). I guess now that we live in Florida we wont need to make chili or hot drinks or anything to go along with it but maybe some iced tea or gatorade will get us in the mood. To watch the games that is... Happy Football Season to you all! In the comments section, tell me what team you are rooting for this year!

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Bethany Shea Roe said...

I am definitely a Titan's fan, and I always will be. But I have to confess, games like yesterdays (against the Steelers) make it really hard to watch them all the time. I never thought I would go for another team as well, but since getting married- I have to say that I have taken on some of Jordan's love of the Colts, and what a game last night!! (Plus, Peyton Manning is from Univ. of Tennessee- always a plus!!) I too am SO EXCITED about football!!!

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