Saturday, September 24, 2005


After taking the quiz "Which book of the Bible are you?" I got the following results:
You are Romans!
You have insight on what it means to turn your life around and try to live for God.
You really want people to understand the deeper things of God but have a tendency to come across as pushy or prideful, and at times, maybe you are.
But you know your weakness and work hard at trying to temper it with grace and compassion.
I thought it sounded pretty close to me!?
To take the quiz yourself click HERE. Then post your results in the comments section!


W @ said...

Chances are you've made a couple of whopper mistakes in your life...cause it's usually people like you who really understand their positio in Christ. You know it's not by mighto, not by power, and cdrtainly not through works, but only through the blood of Christ. That's all the there is standing between you and the Father...and that's all you need. People find you to be generally more grace-filled than most. You are attractive to the faith, and are usually a bit on the non-traditional side.

That was interesting, thank you for sharing that sight.

Nathan Gaddis said...

I am Psalms...and this is what it said about me.

"Sometimes you think I never get discouraged, but the fact is, when you do, you know where to run. Your prayers are open and honest because you realize that God already knows your heart, He's just waiting for you to spill it. And when you do, what starts out as heavy ends up becoming a song of praise. You may struggle...and often you do...but each time you do, you grow in your understanding of God's faithfulness. You're just a song waiting to happen."

Kristine dB said...

I was Psalms as well - I won't bother rewriting what Nathan wrote! This was really interesting, and definitely makes sense. Thanks for the link Bethany!

MOM said...

Surprisingly enough, I also am Romans. I am grateful to be associated with the book of Romans. But really, prideful, pushy, ME????? Ouch, so true!

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