Tuesday, October 04, 2005

20 years of artistic innovation

In the October issue of Spin Magazine there are interviews with 20 of the "greatest innovators" of the past 20 years. In this collection of musicians, filmmakers and visionaries who shaped alternative culture I found some of the things they said quite interesting. Here are a few.

"I think there's a lot more people who are becoming political than they're given credit for. There are elements of it everywhere. Even if its just evoking a sort of sadness in music, a paranoia or something, thats the atmosphere we live in." -Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

"I didnt see the beginning, but it was really exciting. Of course, next thing you know it just got terrifying. It became life-threatening. Things got tricky. It felt like you were gonna lose your best friend or your best girl or yourself; like something had to give.The speed at which it all happend, it was a lot to navigate. It felt like a dangerous situation. It may sound ridiculous but then you look at Kurt (Cobain) and a few others, however people navigated this extreme version of reality, there was danger involved. It was serious."- Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)

"It has become more important for people to become attached to their particular generation. A lot of younger people want to be a part of something and that something has become a smaller and smaller chunk of time."- Frank Black (The Pixies)

"The more you achieve, the more people are pulling at you from different directions, and you just honestly don't have enough ideas to keep going. You need help. You need new inspirations around you. You need people." - Andre 3000 (OutKast)

"I think ambition has become confused with financial drive." - Chris Martin (Coldplay)

"Everyone loves to hate you after you do something you get recognized for."- Anthony Kiedis

"I pretty much accept most of the things that have happend, even the abominable things, even all the time I waisted and the years of nonproductivity. They all kind of added up to mean something." - Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

"It felt like they were trying to slow down this transition to try and understand it."- Shawn Fanning (creator of Napster)

"Death is the one final surprise, isnt it?"- Tim Burton (director)

"Our whole culture revolves around dreams. Who makes up these dreams? Artists do. Every culture is reflected by it's artists. And any culture that tries to stop its artists or just encourages them to be idiotic or let's a ring tone become a hit is doomed to failure." - Marilyn Manson

"The power and fear lie in mystery, and Im always willing to be a mystery, because I dont know who I am-so there's no chance of anyone else knowing who I am. Finding out who you are is how you make art-the question mark." -Marilyn Manson

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Carlos said...

Marilyn Manson is one of the most brilliant entertainers of our times. And to hear that quote just secures him in that place for me. Thanks for the post.

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