Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Power to the people

Well this is my first blog as a hurricane survivor! Hurricane Wilma came right to our door as a category 3 and we are alive and well and ready to tell the story. Honestly the storm isnt what has changed me the most, its been the aftermath of it.
As expected, Wilma knocked out our power. Until this experience, I had only endured a power outage for a few hours but this one lasted 4 days. You learn alot about what you have become dependent on when your power goes out for that amount of time. Sure you dont have lights, or a hairdryer or air conditioning but you also dont have a stove to cook on, anything heating your water so you can take a warm shower, or any way to charge your cell phone and call back the hundreds of people that are calling to make sure you are ok. At first it was a shock what we were going to have to live without for an undisclosed amount of time but then after awhile, it became peaceful and enjoyable. No TV in the background, no computer to distract us, nothing but us eating PB&J for the 10th time in candlelight. It was great. I noticed that families were out taking walks together, kids were riding their bikes instead of playing video games and neighbors were talking for hours on end in the front yard. It was beautiful.
Nathan and I managed to entertain ourselves just fine with Mexican Train (a domino game) and Pente ("the true game of skill") and reading and talking. Last night we sat out on our drive way and looked at the stars (in a pitch black neighborhood you can actually see some of them). There sat the two of us bundled up on beach chair together enjoying the show God was putting on for us. It was wonderful.
But just as we started to get use to life without electronics, on comes the power. So I guess its back to life as "normal." Families will find ways to distract themselves from enjoying each other again and the stars will no longer be the highlight of an evening. Its back to TV shows, emails and yes....blogging.

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Jamie said...

What a great post. I was just scanning through random blogs when I came across yours and had to comment. I'm in Tampa, FL. Glad to see you guys made it through okay. Losing power can either make you realize all the conveniences you have that you take for granted or make you realize how much some of those conveniences interfere with life.

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