Saturday, October 29, 2005

Shout out to SBC Disaster Relief

This morning I was awarded the opportunity to serve along side the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief team. They have set up "shop" at our church since hurricane Wilma came rumbling through our neighborhoods. Unbeknowst to me until last Wednesday, some of the areas in our region were devastated. So I took advantage of Nathan being home for an afternoon and I went off to see what I could do. I arrived at the church around 7:30 am only to find out that they had already been cooking for hours. So I went up to one of the ladies under the tent and asked, "where do you need us?" (I was joined by a couple of junior high girls that also felt the need to pitch in). She said, "Well we're only cooking right now so if you want to work with the food you will need a hat." So we began the search and came across a stash of hats in the high school youth pastors office. Quite the modge-podge of head cases we were-let me tell ya! Anyway we returned to the tent and started going at it. We stirred, poured, cooked, gathered, and carried the largest portions of beef stew I have, and probably will ever see. The Red Cross was who actually delivered the hot food to those needing it in the Naples area. I found that interesting b/c before today, I didnt know that the SBC was behind the scenes during many of the hurricane and other natural disaster relief efforts b/c we only hear about the Red Cross and other non-faith-based organizations helping out on the news. I found it cool to realize that Christians were part of the biggest and most effective relief efforts as well. Anyway, so I started talking to these people. Actually I just listenned and when they stopped talking I would ask another question to get them going again. One woman was even moved to tears as she shared with me some of the experiences she had while helping out with Katrina and Rita victims through a food line. Over a huge vat of beef stew I was moved to tears myself when I saw the sacrifice and compassion of these people that go from disaster to disaster and do everything they can to help those in need. There are other crews that go out and pick up debri, do water purification, medical stuff, and the list goes on. They go where the hurt is and hug those that are suffering by utilizing their abilities. These people give up the comfort of their lives for days, weeks, and months at a time to lend a helping hand to a bunch of strangers that bare the same resemblence to Christ as they do. It was awesome.
To learn more about what this organization does and to get involved check out the site for the SBC disaster relief team. The average age of the people who volunteer for these tasks is 70 years old. Isnt it about time that us younger Christians step up and begin showing them that they are leaving a legacy of servanthood that we are honored to carry on to our children and grandchildren?

SIDENOTE: Although I know you guys will never read this, I want to thank Dee, Rodger, and Jean for blessing my heart through the conversations and beef stew stirring we shared today. You are truly an inspiration to me and I will never forget that. Also, thank you to all of those that are a part of the disaster relief team that I watched today humbly serve a community that you knew would benefit from the grace and comfort that can only come from Christ. You set the standard.

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