Friday, November 18, 2005

Christmas comes earlier every year

Ive never been one to jump the Christmas gun and rush into the frenzy of shopping for gifts. But this year it is necessary. Next week everyone will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Also, next week Nathan, Jaxon and I will be celebrating Christmas with my mom and step dad, since they are here and everything. Then just a few short weeks later, December 15th to be exact, we will be in Texas celebrating Christmas with as many Gaddis' as we can gather in one house! It's going to get crazy! But then it's back home and I wonder what Christmas day will actually feel like. Will we be exhausted from all of the services we have had to plan/run/attend? Will we be lonely just the 3 of us? Will we be hot and wishing there was at least a breeze to help it feel like Christmas? Who knows?! But I am so thankful already that we have been awarded the opportunity and the time to be able to spend the idea of Christmas with some of our family. Its not about the day, its about the memories and I can rest assured that those will be made in due time.


MOM said...

Here we come !!!! Santa is on his way !!! Just think, TWO holidays with you - not just one.

Iz said...

Ahhh, the dilema of creating new traditions. The first year I was in a warm place for the holidays seemed like being on another planet. But my family and I opened our gifts and went to the beach. What an amazing and beautiful place to reflect on what the day really means...the weight of reality...God took on a human body, came into this world in the same form as Jaxon, because of His incredible love. And then to have Him paint an incredible sunset on the beach for you as you reflect...sounds like the perfect Christmas to me!

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