Monday, November 14, 2005

Deep thoughts...

Sometimes its so hard to know what to write on this thing. Then I begin to wonder if anyone is reading it (besides my husband and mother of course). But after thinking about it awhile I am reminded that this really isnt a place where I come up with all of these wise, life-changing, compelling sentences but instead its a place where my life and the awareness of my life come together. For at least this moment I have stopped myself to review the pieces from the last few days. Yet too often I have left it up to you, the reader, to decide whether any of them can be deemed worthy or valuable. But today I have seen that these fragmented scraps are my own and every single frustrating, wonderful, and dull part of time is precious to me. They make up my life and I wouldnt trade a second of it.

"Arrange whatever pieces come your way."
-Virginia Woolf


Iz said...

Even though I don't always comment, please know that many more than just Nathan and your mom are reading and being spurned into thought. And on the occasional entry that I am not compelled into rethinking God in the box I have Him in that day (Colts day...really means nothing to me. Sorry) I am always happy to know what's going on with my friend, who is far away. Love ya, Bethany!

MOM said...

One of the many things I love about you, Bethany, is your honesty and willingness to open your soul to all of us. I envy that ability since I am so protective of my inner thoughts and processes. Yes, I read everything you write and comment on many of them but oh, how you make me think, wonder, admire and thank you for opening my thoughts, making me think deeper and more openly and showing me a broader way. So thank you for continuing in this process. It helps many of us whether we tell you or not.

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