Saturday, November 19, 2005

Empty fridge....AGAIN!!

Once again I am plagued with the never ending dillema of the empty fridge. I open it, see that its barren, and become even more hungry than I was when I approached it. I scrounge around for some food but instantly I feel as if Im going to die b/c there just isnt anything that could quench this hunger. Then I started to think about why my fridge is empty. Questions like: Do we need to allocate more $ towards our grocery envelope so that we dont starve? lead to: How does mom do it?

By that I mean, how come every time we go to visit our moms they always have a fridge and a pantry jam packed with goodies? Its a smorgesborg of delightlful treats begging you to take a bite of each. You never go hungry when you are home. Actually, I probably eat twice as much than I normally would b/c the pressure to "eat it while its there" is so great that I succumb to it several times a day. But Im a mom now. Why havent I learned the knack of maintaining a full fridge? Any of you more experienced mom's out there need to share the secret with me b/c it has passed me by. HELP!

Until then I remain in the state of mind that I like to call "confused starvation."

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