Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Car seats are of the Devil

So I know why we have car seats: to protect our children in the event of a car accident; but what I dont know is why they have to be so hard to install and why even after they are installed just like the manual diagrams tell you too, it still wobbles around back there making you wonder if all of your effort was in vain. Anyway, Jaxon was given a beautiful new BIG BOY seat and although Im thankful for it, I was about to rip it to shreds this afternoon as I worked for an hour or so installing it into my little car. Instead I decided to rip Nathan to shreds with my frustrations the second he entered the door. (Ok so it wasnt that bad but I was a little testy-you know the whole "kicking the dog" thing.) All this to say, Jaxon better enjoy this plush throne of his b/c I worked my tailgate off getting it in there for him!


MOM said...

it's beautiful !!! Does he get to look forward now?

April Holm said...

Hi Bethany,

I understand your frustration. I was watching our friends little girl and Patrick worked on the car seat for the longest time and it still wobbled and moved around. Finally, he drove the car over to the fire station and had them check it out. They are supposed to be able to help you with car seats and such. Well, after all that, they said that it will have some movement, but in the case of an accident it will not leave the car and as long as the shoulder harnesses are fairly tight against the child they are safe and sound. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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