Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good movie!

Last night Nathan and I watched one of our Netflix movies called The Girl in the Cafe. I thought it was just going to be a romantic comedy but it was so much more. I didnt even realize that it was a movie centered around the G8 Summit and their meetings this past year. In the bonus features of the DVD there was a commercial that ran for an organization I highly support in the fight against aids and poverty in Africa, the ONE campaign. (If you have ever noticed my white bracelet-that is what it represents.) Anyway, I highly recommend as many of you see this movie as possible. The british comedy is subtle and hilarious and the romantic hook-up becomes just a side note in the end. But the real point was that people dying in another country can't be negotiated as facts and figures but must be seen instead like daughters and sons and taken care of because our country has the ability to do just that. Here is what the official description of the movie says:

Lonely civil servant Lawrence (Bill Nighy) is in for a life-altering experience when he invites a young woman to the G8 Summit in Iceland in this poignant comedy. Not long after meeting Gina (Kelly Macdonald) in a café, Lawrence asks her to accompany him to the event. Both shy outsiders, Lawrence and Gina hit it off, but their attraction to each other is tested when Gina's personal convictions contradict Lawrence's professional obligations.

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MOM said...

Thanks for the recommend - it's No. 40 on my Netflix list but perhaps I need to move it up a bit..........

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