Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Most inspiring person of 2005

Beliefnet.com is hosting an online vote for the most inspiring person of 2005. Here are some of their candidates:
Bono- rocker/activist;Rosa Parks- civil rights pioneer;Rick Warren- Purpose-Driven life author; Alex Scott- fighter against pediatric cancer;Iraqi Voters- risked their lives for democracy;Mable Brown- Hurricane Katrina hero; Amma- "hugging saint" and tsunami donor
To learn more about each of these and see the rest of the list click here.

This poll got me thinking ...Who have been the most inspiring people to me in 2005?
So here is my list (in no particular order):

Donna- (my mom) Constant source of encouragement, support, and unconditional love.

Nathan- My soul-mate and someone who can always make me laugh.

Jaxon- (my son) The best part of my day, everyday.

Randy Elrod- Creative genius and my challenger for completing a marathon.

Joy Williams (Yetton)- Master of making people feel special/important-like the only one in a room.

Meredith Tisdale- Best friend and the girliest girl I have ever allowed "in."

Michelle and Bob Braisted- Amazing parents and friends and supporters of life.

Wally and Lori Nason- Limitless love and my west-coast counterparts.

Brad Ramsey- Best friend and greatest example of forgiveness and patience in everything.

Joel Mayes- Creative genius that remains open, honest and real always.

Iz Holidae- pursuer of dreams no matter what the risk/cost.

Rick White- finally a pastor that isnt afraid to show humanity and take risks in church.

Who are some of the people that have inspired you this year? Post them in the comments section.


MOM said...

Most inspiring this year? Wow, let's see:
1) Bethany for helping me to think bigger & broader, for living her life constantly thinking & growing & teaching
2) Kim for challenging me in ways I didn't know I was going and for being honest with me even when it's not easy
3) Oprah for showing us problems in Africa, after hurricanes in America, and where to buy a good sports bra
4) Hurricane relief workers and all of those volunteers who contribute, work, share & pray for all of the less fortunate in our world - so may unsung heroes and I admire that they ARE unsung and silently go about trying to make our world better
5) people unknown to me but who are struggling with great life lessons, trials, pain and heartache, mistreatment, poverty, torture while I go ignorantly through my days -
6) Christ Jesus for showing me the ideal and for loving me while I learn
7) Maybe not specificially this year, but present in my being is the inspiration from my father to be forthright, honest & go-for-it when you need to and from my mother who quietly loved me whether she said it out loud or not (funny story there)
Yes, these all are inspirations to me and are part of my being

Iz said...

I have to say how honored I am to be included on your list! I certainly don't feel inspiring to myself.

This year people who've inspired me are (in no particular order):

Bob Braisted-for the ability to lead with friendship and fun, and for always being a source of wisedom

Michelle Braisted-for her open-ness, organization, and looking like she's breezing through stressfull situations stress-free. She loves well!

Brad-the creativity and talent of this man continues to AMAZE me!

Wally and Lori Nason-for the love in their hearts and home that encompasses all, for not being afraid to follow their hearts and jump off very big limbs

Nathan and Bethany- for fearlessly following Jesus, even when it took them out of their comfort zones

Rick White-for his compassion and committment to DO something in areas where others just look on aghast

Sharyl Patton- for leading a team of doctors to Zambia the day after Christmas to do surgeries and training there...she's not a doctor, and has never been to Africa...so why not lead, right?!

Nancy Carmichael- for being incredibly strong in battle against an enemy we cannot see, and endlessly encouraging to me

Paul Piriano- Man of God

Gary and Teri Dixon- incredible trust in God...just incredible!

Lauren Dixon-a 5th grader who organized and raised money to take 25 homeless men in a limo to a wonderful dinner, and provide them with new clothes and blankets...instead of wanting Christmas presents for herself.

and Everyone who went to the other side of the world to do Tsunami relief. And all who leave comfort at home to reach out to fellow humans that are hurting.

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