Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Rarely on here do I make little journal entries or talk about what we are up to so I figured it was about time I got personal. Here it goes...
Im tired. Not sure why but I am. My mind is reeling with all the stuff I need to gather together tonight for our trip to Texas tomorrow morning. We are finally (for the 1st time) going to see our nephews Drew and Grayson, born in January. We can't wait to play with them and hug them like crazy. We also get to spend some time with Nathan's brother John and his wife Becky -we'll probably just swap new parent stories most of the time, you know how it goes. Jaxon is waking up from his nap- I can hear him talking to himself in the adjacent room. He has been really active today, lots of crawling and walking with the help of his "Learning Band" walker and Jeep walker. Doesnt feel like Christmas-too warm and our decorations are all spread out in different rooms. I did all of my shopping online this year b/c I had a lot of shipping to do and thanks to Upromise a percentage of all my purchases went towards Jaxon's college fund. Can we say scholarship? As for how my training is going-great! I have 16 miles I will be running on friday. Every day I am amazed at how much our bodies really were built to handle. Except well...thats all for now, I have to pee.

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