Sunday, January 22, 2006

Housing costs on the rise

You can't tell me that the rising costs of housing makes much sense when I come across an article about a hut sized home in Ireland on the market for $145,100. Here are the specs of the "house."

It's about the size of a garden shed, has no electricity and a toilet with no sewage outlet. But such is Ireland's property boom that the grandly named Neptune Cottage in county Wicklow has been put on the market for 120,000 euros ($145,100) -- all 200 square feet of it. The tiny timber-framed hut would not be tranquil -- it backs on to the Dublin-Rosslare rail line -- but does face the beach at Kilcoole, Wicklow, about 25 miles outside Dublin.
It measures 15 feet 6 inches by 12 feet 8 inches and is divided into two little rooms, one with a kitchen and a bed while the "living room" sleeps three, on a sofa and a divan bed.

The property has a felt roof, uses bottled gas for cooking and heating and only has an outside chemical toilet.

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Iz said...

Makes me appreciate my 850sf mansion!

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