Saturday, January 07, 2006

In pursuit of JOY

I am moody. The way I treat people is usualy based on circumstances and environments and feelings. The way I react is a variable in an equation where there are no constants and therefore the outcome is never determined beforehand. It all depends on what steps into the problem.

That is why I am in the pursuit of JOY.

I see JOY as something that is so deeply rooted in a person that it can go unaltered by the comings and goings of the day. It is more than an emotion or behavior, it is a way of life. JOY is faith set on fire. It is a confidence and a solid foundation built into the core of who you are. It is dependent on nothing and excels in everything.

JOY is also something that doesnt come naturally to us human folk. It is something we really have to work for and discipline ourselves in order to receive. It's a choice. A very difficult choice to be made everyday, in every situation, all the time.

So this will not be an easy endevour by any means. But I feel like the results will far outweigh the struggle it will be to get them. Having seen what JOY looks like in other people, I know that it is something I long to be seen in me. So here I go...

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MOM said...

You can do it, baby. It is possible .. " all things are possible through Christ our Lord ". Plus, you deserve joy. Joy in abundance is the promise and you can have it. You have taken the biggest step - saying you will pursue it - and I believe in you and I believe in the promise.

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