Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking forward

Every year we get a chance to start over, to start good habits and break old ones. Today is the day that everyone's slate is "clean" and we get to take another 365 days to mark it all up again. Looking forward into what this year could possibly hold for me, I get nervous and excited all at once. I can't predict what life will look like a year from now and that can be both exhilerating and worrisome. It just goes to show that we are, most definitely, NOT in control. Lucky for me, I know the heart of the ONE that is and in that I will take comfort and place all my trust. For I know that everything that may happen to me will have a purpose and a promise as it's foundation.

My goals for this year are many and the mere mention of them into the cosmos makes me accountable for attempting to accomplish them. So here is a miniature list of things I feel lead to pursue this year:

1. Complete a marathon (scheduled for Late February in Tampa, FL)
2. Go to Africa for missions (scheduled for Fall)
3. Continue to seek out ways to save money, preserve the planet, and help where it is needed.
4. Choose to treat my husband based on my love for him everyday (not allowing my mood to effect the way I react to him so much).
5. Be creative.
6. Try something new and/or crazy.
7. Exercise patience and consistancy when it come to parenting Jaxon.
8. Take better care of myself- go to the doctor and learn about what vitamins I should be taking and get some things looked at that I have neglected for so long.
9. Find opportunities to be alone with Nathan, alone with myself, alone with God.
10. Spend more time around my family (outside of our house- IE my parents and siblings)

Well there is a start. Have you made any positive goals for yourself for 2006? Post them in the comments section. That way, I can check up on you and see if you have done anything to really achieve them before the year is out- and I hope you will do the same for me. Happy New Year!

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