Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Step One

If you will recall in my blog post about New Year's I mentioned 'being creative' as one of my goals. That could come easy to me in areas such as music or theater but instead I decided to challenge myself with some good ol' mom-able task like scrapbooking. Call me crazy but I have ventured into a realm so unbeknowst to me I feel inept. I have seen it done so beautifully by some of my friends that I am scared to even start Jaxon's baby book until I have made my mistakes and experiments elsewhere. So for Christmas I was given a family heritage scrapbooking kit (thanks Aunt Carole!) and that is what I have been working on. Its been really cool. At first I started out just taping pictures to the page and writing little captions and stuff. Then I saw that there were these letter pages things but I couldnt figure out how you get the letters onto your "cardstock" page (thats scrapbooking lingo). I thought, maybe you just cut them out and tape them on too, or maybe you trace them. Finally I opened up the book that came in the kit and read something about "rubable lettering." Rubable? What do you mean by that?! So I thought I would take a chance and just place the letter sheet over the page and rub on which letter I wanted to stuck!! It was so cool! I felt like I had discovered that the Earth was round or something, I felt so amazed. Anyway, all that to say that this scrapbooking thing may not be so bad after all-but by no means does that mean Im ready to start on Jaxon's baby book. Im just taking it one step at a time.

PS The picture above is in no way a representation of what I am currently capable of in scrapbooking skill. It is merely an accent to my story and serves as a picture image of what scrapbooking could be.

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