Monday, January 09, 2006

We were made to get involved

In Genesis 18 God was considering the depravity of Sodom and wondered about destroying it. But then Abraham bargains with the Almighty, seemingly bending his arm, getting God to agree that if 50 good people can be found, the city would be spared. God agrees. Abraham says, "what about 45?" God agrees. 40? OK. 30? Yes. 20? Fine. 10? Go on, then.

So here is the question: Why did God let Abraham be part of the consultation on the matter? As the omnipresent Creator, the all seeing Almighty One, surely God knew that Abraham's figure of 10 was too high and that the city would end up trashed anyway. Why go through the motions?

So here is the answer: God wanted Abraham to ask, to get involved, to care about the state of his fellow man because that is precisely how we've been made. We're not here to soak up the blessing and ignore the responsibilities; we are not here to be pouring out bitter judgement from a distance. Instead we're here to offer an accompaniment to God's divine justice: human justice. We're supposed to get involved, to challenge, to care, to feel, to ask questions and to rage against the machine of a world plagued by the marks of the fall.

Are we prepared to take responsibility for being forces of godly change in this world? I think that's exactly the way God wants us- not staying silent, but getting involved.

Taken from an article entitled Cynical about Cynicism: Is There a Place For Skeptics Within the Faith? by Craig Borlase.

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Bethany said...

So neat! I was reading this same Genesis 18 passage yesterday and was realizing the same thing. But here's another thing that God revealed to me, Abraham's prayer to God (b/c it was that- just talking to God) WAS answered, just not in the way that he might have originally expected. Yes, God did destroy the city, but He provided Abraham's nephew Lot & his family a way out- a chance to escape. I believe Abraham's plea to God had a huge part to play in God's mercy on Lot.

We are to take action and our prayers are vital to God.

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