Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cruisin' thru a conference

Hey gang! Im sorry that I havent posted in a few days but as you've heard by now I am at a conference in Nashville. We have already gotten to see so many of our friends and have been blessed to be reminded at how loved we are here (as well as feeling the love from FL-thats how lucky we are). I havent caught up on sleep yet since we have been sharing a hotel room with Jaxon (the sigher) and MamaJ (the snorer) but I think its upon the horizon as both stumbling blocks have just retreated to KY for the next few days. I am struggling a little bit since I havent been away from Jaxon for more than a few hours since he was born. But it works better for everyone involved in the end. ( By the way-Jaxon is feeling much better-thank you for your prayers and thoughts!)

Anyway, so far we have been exposed to some amazing speakers including the creators of the Narnia movie, several worship songwriters (IE Paul Baloche "Open the Eyes of My Heart"), and a woman that works with ACT ONE that seeks to train Christians to become screenwriters in Hollywood. GREAT STUFF!

However the biggest moment for me took place this morning. There was a drawing for a free 7-day cruise vacation to a destination of your choice and WE WON IT! I freaked out-balled my head off!! I have to say though that winning this prize was more than just a gift-it was a testimony to God's character. I prayed for it the other day. I asked God for it. I confessed that I didnt deserve the trip but that I really wanted it and could use a reminder that God cares about restoring me and giving me opportunities to relax. Then last night I was priviledged enough to sit next to and share journeys with a guy I came to find out was the travel agent giving away the trip. Instead of calling out mine or Nathan's name, they asked if Jaxon was present and right away my heart stopped and tears began to roll. Ive never won anything like that in my life-except a year supply of cereal on my sister's college radio station. Anyway, I have been on a high all day and I am humbled by the evidence God has given me that He continues to care about me. Who am I?

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