Monday, February 20, 2006

Highlight: Barbara Nicolosi

Barbara Nicolosi was one of the guest speakers at the Creative Pastors conference Nathan and I attended in Nashville a few weeks ago. She was awesome! In light of her talk with us, I sought out more of her material by checking out her blog Church of the masses. There I found this quote and some other stuff I was intrigued by. Therefore I decided to pass it along to you. Enjoy!

"Theaters are the new Church of the Masses-where people sit huddled in the dark listening to people in the light tell them what it is to be human." -1930's theater critic

February 11, 2006
"I just read a ludicrous statement by some Christian pastor, calling for all Christians to go to see The Da Vinci Code when it opens. His statement was something to the effect of "Every Christian needs to see this film!" I beg to differ.

No. We don't need to see this film. We all know what is in it. (Especially me, as I have read the screenplay.) It is a movie which begins from the point that Jesus was a fraud. He was not only not Divine, he was less than a man. And His Church is a sham association of meglomaniacal conspirators whose unifying principles are in the oppression of women.

I have, thus far, been campaigning for a kind of non-campaign as regards The Da Vinci Code. I was thinking that we should all just agree to ignore it, and put our efforts into praying for the people who hate Jesus and us, His disciples, so much that they would make this film. I was reluctant to throw any free p.r. at the project by speaking about it publically, as that is all that the studio wants here. The people promoting the movie want - with every fiber of their obscenely well-compensated beings - that we make this film an event.

The almost irresistible hook for us all is that we supposedly need to see The Da Vinci Code, so that we can then tell all the other people what is wrong with it. All these Christians are being hooked in to write and speak about the film in the name of "dialogue." "How could you criticize something that you haven't seen?" And, "Everybody is going to be talking about this film! We won't be able to talk back if we haven't seen it."

We absolutely do not need to see the film to talk about Jesus. No more than we need to see porn to talk about human sexuality. Or to read Mein Kempf to decide whether we can have an opinion about gassing Jews. Besides, it would be dignifying a really inane story. Da Vinci Code is so ridiculous in its premises, that it is giving it a false gravity to even take it seriously enough so as to argue about it."


Some quotes I wrote down from her talk were:

"Engaging the culture is not marrying it."
"Keep young artists in the "silence" of their craft."
"We dont let our (Christians) artists be prophets, we let them be milk toast."
"No one can take away from someone's experience of beauty." (As opposed to theology that someone can be talked out of.)
"We are not willing to do for the people of God what Hollywood is willing to do for their audience."
"Going to a movie is like voting-saying YES! make more of these!"

PS Thanks for sticking around-this marks my 100th post on this blog! WAHOO!!

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