Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm every woman

I have just started reading a book called, "Captivating" by Staci and John Eldridge. To be honest I have been avoiding this text. Especially since the subtitle is: 'Unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul.' I typically run in the other direction when it comes to things addressing my femininity and all the girlynesses within me. But alas, I am a female and I figure it's about time I own up to it. Actually Ive been learning this truth (and accepting it slowly) for a few years now. Mainly because when I got married I realized that all of my closest friendships were with guys and that just wouldn't work anymore. Thats when I focused more of my energy on the ladies who managed to stick around during my denial stage (birth to going on 26 years now).

But I digress....back to the book.....

It was given to me at this conference we just returned from and I took it as a sign that I could hide from it no longer. Besides, I have just volunteered to lead the girls discipleship meeting at church and I figured it might help me peek into their heads and hearts a little better (as if Im not one of them-HA!) So I cracked open the pages and was drawn in right away. Here is an excerpt from the introduction that opened my eyes a little:

'The mystery of the feminine heart was meant to be a good thing. A source of joy. Yet it has become a source of shame-women almost universally feel that they are "too much" and "not what they should be." And men tend to pull away from the deeper waters of a woman's soul, unsure of what they will find there or how to handle it. And so we have missed the treasure that is the heart of a woman, missed the richness femininity was meant to bring to our lives, missed the way it speaks to us of the heart of God.'


Kristine dB said...

"Captivating" is a good book - I finished reading it a few months ago. But I read another book that spoke to my heart more, and that was "Do You Think I'm Beautiful" by Angela Thomas. (She has a new one called "When Wallflowers Dance" but I haven't had a chance to get it yet.) Check out "Beautiful" if you get a chance.

Roxann said...

I believe from birth our feminity is surpressed...and not allowed to florish as it should.....interesting that as adults become aware.

Dawn Marie said...

Awesome book... I have it on CD if you ever want to listen to it.

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