Friday, February 03, 2006

Long Night

Well Nathan and I just had our first (of Im sure, several) long nights with Jaxon. After 2 days of no napping and eating hardly anything and an entire evening of crying, screaming, wailing, and whimpering we took Jaxon to the doctor's office and found out that he has a throat infection ("Ferengitis" sp?). It was awful to hear him in so much pain for so many hours and all we had to offer was a hug. At times that was enough to get him to sleep for an hour or so but most of the time he just kept hurting while curled up in our arms. It truly broke our hearts and even brought us to tears at times.
Please pray for him because we are scheduled to fly to Nashville on Sunday morning and will be in a hotel all next week. Also pray for us as we remain patient during this time of little sleep and a lot of heartache.
We appreciate your thoughts!


MOM said...

it is SO hard - but the first of MANY times you cannot console/help/fix things for your children and the pain is multiplied for you watching theirs .. but just look at his face in the photo you attached !! He is so precious ............
Much love & prayer to you parents during this difficult season

Cherie <> said...

Aw, poor Jaxon. Y'all will definitely be in my prayers!

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