Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Post Doctor visits

Jaxon: Upper respiratory infection as well as ear infection in right ear
Prescribed- amoxicilin-antibiotic and cough medicine

Bethany: Repiratory congestion/infection
Prescribed- Z-max antibiotic fast acting 1 day liquid in effort to get me better before Sunday.

Nathan: Who knows
Prescribed- Z-pack antibiotic. Fast acting but over a period of 7 days.

Here's hoping that with all the drugs the Gaddis' are on, we will be well in no time! Keep up those prayers!


MOM said...

Here comes Mom to be nurse and get your running feet ready for Sunday! Hubby has been sick, too, so the first thing I'll do is buy vitamin C and chicken soup (sorry, BEG) and then we'll get you all well and excited for the marathon! Ah, it'll be great to be needed.

Anonymous said...

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