Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hindsight is 20/20

Why is it that once we get to the "other end" of a situation we can see clearly for the first time and all does not seem in vain but rather has purpose? And why is it that when we see someone entering the same if not strikingly similar tunnel we cannot carry them to the ending of it or deter them away from it completely?
It's been both frustrating and life changing to have been appointed the task of discipling three senior girls in our youth group. (They arent frustrating, just the weight of knowing the hardship of the journey and not being able to protect them from it.) "You cannot go long in this world and not be wounded," Stasi and John Eldridge explain. Still I struggle with the inclination to be their lifesaver and throw myself in there to rescue them.
What I realized today (during our time together) was that they already had someone willing to do that for them. He threw Himself onto a cross, took on their heartaches/pains/sins and everything else and conquered them by defeating death. They don't need another Savior, they have found that in Jesus Christ.
What they have a need for is someone to be the extension of His love and devotion, reminding them that there is hope, peace and life after this wilderness. Basically I am called to stand on the other end of the tunnel they are traveling through and yell as loud as I can until eventually they will have reached the sound of my voice, and therefore me, and can see for themselves that God is faithful and good in everything.
Guess that means I will have to tap into my cheerleader voicebox and start utilizing those diaphram muscles cause Im called to shout for as long as it takes.

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MOM said...

similar to parenting - only parenting lasts longer (and they tune out your voice once in a while)...

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