Sunday, March 19, 2006

Muscle soreness

A few days ago I thought I would attempt to get back into work-out mode by going to the gym. I have been concentrating so much on running up till now and since I have to take a break from that for a while, to allow my knee to heal, I decided to lift weights. I did every machine and every free weight exercize I could remember. I did push-ups, sit ups, everything. I was an animal.
Needless to say, the day after my feverish weight lifting morning , I was a mess. I could hardly lift my arm let alone try to pick up Jaxon. All day I was inventing new ways of picking things up without having to bend my arms. My triceps are burning and just to pull a hair away from my face is a painful and daunting task. So last night, I didnt sleep very well b/c I use my arms alot to prop up my pillow. Now my arms feel like jello with knots containing ridiculous amounts of pain in them, likely to bust at the sign of any attempt of movement.
Now let me back track and say that b/c of the high mileage running Ive been doing for so many months I have developed some pretty killer leg muscles. Im no body builder or anything but for me, I look ripped. You can see the outline of some of the dominating muscles in the leg, and my calfs are rock solid. If you were to see me at the pool you might even think I was in great shape based on those cut leg muscles. But once I got into the gym and caused complete atrophy to my arms, I realized I wasnt. I had been neglecting every other muscle group and therefore caused soreness when I tried to use them at the same level as I had been my legs.
All of this caused me to think...
Sometimes I concentrate so hard on one area of ministry that I start to build amazing amounts of strength and stamina there. However there are other parts to my spiritual life that seem to go "unexercized." Then when I try to do them with as much zeal as the other, I feel sore afterward, weak. I must do my best to maintain all the important muscle groups (spiritually speaking) so that one area is not completely weak and painful while another has the endurance of a gazelle. I must achieve balance.

I may not be able to lift my arm for a few more days and that serves as enough of a reminder to me to not focus my energy all in one spot while other areas become weaker and will be painful upon next use.

Please learn from my mistake...I wish this pain on no one.

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MOM said...

Hope you are heading back to the gym to keep working on those muscles ... build them up... keep at it !! Use it or lose it! Rah rah rah

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