Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Theater vs Scriptural Model of Church

Our church has been going through a book/study called Made to Count. Its along the same vein of Purpose Driven Life but a little more in depth at what purposes we are called to individually and what purposes we are called to as a whole. One of the mission fields we are called to collectively is serving the Church. But first we must view the Church based on the scriptural model and not the theater model given to us by the Greeks. Let me explain:

"Classic Greek theater revolved around three different components. The prompters stayed down in front of the actors in an area that would later become known as the orchestra pit, coaching and directing the actors throughout the play. The actors of course, developed the drama on stage all for the benefit and pleasure of the attending audience, hoping that the audience would leave pleased with the performance.

For many in today's church, the roles translate neatly into the way we view worship:
The actors are the pastors, choir, praise team, worship leader- those on stage.
The prompter would, of course, be God Himself, orchestrating the leaders as worship unfolds.
The audience would be the congregation, watching and waiting to be blessed.

Scripture teaches differently.
The actors are the church members, the congregation
The prompters are the pastors and other leaders. After all, their job is not to perform, but to equip the members for the work of ministry.
The audience is God alone.

The scriptural blueprint takes the members out of the role of critic and puts them into the role of participant. Worship is no longer viewed as a performance we judge but as an act we perform.

Therefore our question at the end of a church service should not be whether we thought the service was "good," but whether we thought that God was well pleased."


Cherie <> said...

I really like how he worded that. I don't have the book, so I hadn't read that. That's really cool. Thanks for sharing!

mrspilkington said...

sounds like an interesting book, i'll have to check it out. great blog -- thanks for all that you share!

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