Sunday, April 02, 2006


There is an online petition going around called CAPS (Christians Against Pat Speaking) that seeks to ask Pat Robertson to stop defacing the reputation of Christians.

Dear Rev. Robertson,

We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to ministry over the years, but we are now asking that you please retire or at least stop making unfounded, insane-sounding comments and trying to pass them off as mainstream Christian thought such as:

1. Calling for the assassination of foreign heads of state (Hugo Chavez).
2. Telling people God will abandon or punish/destroy them (Dover, PA residents) because they exercised their right to vote against intelligent design supporting school board members.
3. Saying that morbidly overweight, elderly heads of state (Ariel Sharon) have strokes as the result of punishments from God for seeking peace rather than simple cardiovascular disease.

Seriously Pat, you're embarrassing the rest of us Christians who are trying to demonstrate God's love and mercy to a broken world already suspicious of religion and religious people.


To sign go HERE

I just think this is hilarious!

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Kim said...

I believe he also blamed homosexuals for not only Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans (Ellen DeGeneres is from there), but also the Twin Towers destruction...wait, maybe that was Falwell. The quotes are easy to find on the web...glad there's Christians out there who are taking action.

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