Wednesday, April 19, 2006

God's masterpiece

Here is an excerpt from a book Im reading called No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke.

"... give up trying to fix people-it's not our job-that's God's job. Instead, seek to accept and love people in order to reconnect them with God."

"If you saw a Rembrandt covered in mud, you wouldnt focus on the mud or treat it like mud. Your primary concern would not be the mud at all-though it would need to be removed. You'd be ecstatic to have something so valuable in your care. But if you tried to clean it up by yourself, you might damage it. So you would carefully bring this work of art to a master who could help you by restoring it to the condition originally intended. When people begin treating one another as God's masterpiece waiting to be revealed, God's grace grows in their lives and cleanses them."

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Cherie <> said...

That's a really awesome quote. I really like the way he said that and how he used that analogy.

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