Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Latest additions to the CD collection

I dont usually buy CD's but these two are must haves!! I got them for my birthday (Friday April 28th). I highly recommend them both so go out and get them or download them to your IPODs. Here is my summary of them...

I stumbled onto this band through MySpace and fell in love instantly. This album is refreshing with the piano and drum driven sound that resembles Coldplay and the thought-provoking lyrics that Train has become known for. This pop-rock album is ear candy thats great for anyone who likes quality, artistic, original music.

The Elizabethtown soundtrack is inspiring. After seeing the movie this weekend both Nathan and I wanted to take a road trip to who-knows-where and do who-knows-what once we got there just because we could. It encourages you to live life to the fullest and experience as much of the adventure as you can along the way. This is great driving music that has been known to put us into a trance where you feel like you are in a movie, caught up in the moment of the everyday mundane that becomes almost surreal. As the tagline suggests, this album is "a collection of music to drive and live by."

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Roxann said...

Since I will be out of town on Friday......HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Enjoy the day of your birth!

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