Thursday, April 20, 2006

On the rise

I dont know how it has been going around the country but gas prices in Naples, Florida have been on the rise. I've watched the marquee of the gas station down the street change almost daily as it climbs to astronomical heights. Right now it deems gas worth $2.94 for the lowest grade per gallon and it goes up into the $3 range from there.

Now Nathan and I keep to a tight budget as it is... how the heck are we going to be able to keep up with this variable?

How are the gas prices in your neck of the woods?


Mere said...

B'ham...$2.79 at Racetrak
Goes up from there!

Kristine dB said...

I think it's up to $1.09/litre here in Toronto, although it's higher elsewhere I hear. I'm glad I don't have a vehicle right now, but I do want to get one in a month or two; hopefully I get a good job so I can afford it. And good thing gas is a bit cheaper in Alberta. But still, so much for summer travelling!

MOM said...

Cheap (Wal Mart) is $2.59 and 1 block away is $2.74 .... wonder how much time it would take to walk to work?

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