Monday, April 10, 2006

Pink and Oprah

Randomly I caught an episode of Oprah today. I was attracted by the announcement that Pink, the muscian, was going to be interviewed. I thought it would go in depth into the life of Pink but instead it was a discussion from all sides about the trend of chosen stupidity of women and girls.

Here are some highlights:
"Pink is making headlines for her hit song "Stupid Girls." She says there's an epidemic of mindlessness among teenagers today and America's obsession with celebrity is to blame. In her music video, she attacks modern-day role models like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson, mocking what she believes is their obsession with beauty, shopping and acting dumb.Pink says striving to imitate the hottest celebrity squanders a young woman's own individuality and potential. "My definition of 'stupid' is wasting your opportunity to be yourself," Pink says, "because I think everybody has a uniqueness and everybody's good at something.'"

"I didn't write the song to win a popularity contest. I did it to spark a discussion. … My point is, sexy and smart are not oil and water—and that you don't have to dumb yourself down to be cute."I don't think any of these [young Hollywood starlets] are actually stupid. I think it's an act. It makes you less challenging as a female to act really cute."

Even Doctor Robin had some input:
"many young women who act "stupid" are actually smart girls whose obsession with imitating celebrities keeps them from being their true selves. "The word for me isn't stupid girls—it's lost girls, it's girls who are being defined by somebody else," says Dr. Robin. "[Pink's] video is calling forth for us to look at anything that makes me have to be small so that someone else is big—making me lose the essence of who I am."

"All of us have what I call a 'soul-hole.'"

Ok did you catch that last one? A "soul-hole?" DUH!! How long has the Church been saying the same thing??

All in all it was quite an interesting show. Did anyone else catch it? Share your thoughts!

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MOM said...

I did see it and while I dislike the whole "women are oppressed by men" rhetoric, there were definitely some good points made. In fact, my question is: who are the 5 smart young women who come to mind for you? I came up with three and one is really my age, so she's not young! Very compelling to realize we don't value intellectuals publicly......

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