Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday: the day of (no) rest

What ever happend to the idea of resting on Sunday? Isnt there suppose to be a Sabbath from this crazy world? It seems to me that some people get this idea right but certainly not the Church. The church doors are open and anyone who gets paid to hold them open are required to be there too. So there really ends up being a lot of things to attend to, manage, work on, and coordinate on Sundays. Its our busiest day of the week in all honesty. The most downtime I've had today is happening right now as I type this and I cant even get started on Nathan's craziness. So in effort to suck any "rest" that I can possibly be given in the next hour I am going to get off here and put time into reading the Word.
Hope you are having better luck at grasping this ideal than we are!

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