Saturday, April 15, 2006

Unwritten expectations

Having not grown up in church I don't know all of the in's and out's of church behaviors and trends. Still I've always known that there are some "unwritten rules" when it comes to churchgoing. The problem is, however, that I never figure out what they are until I haven't done it while everyone else does. I came across one of these unwritten expectations last night at our church's Good Friday service. Thinking of Easter services in the past I remembered that everyone wears clean, crisp, spring like colors to church. I wanted to fit in so I threw on my whitest skirt (yes I said skirt) a white tank top and an aqua colored half sweater. I was looking...well lets just say I was bright. As I was frantically approaching the church (I was running late) I noticed a few other people scurrying in. But they werent wearing pinks or light greens at all. Actually, they were wearing black. I dismissed the distraction from my mind and bolted for the sanctuary. Once I got inside I got lost in the service. It was fantastic.
Afterwards however, as the lights came up and I could see everyone around me for the first time I felt a little out of place. Everyone was wearing black or at least some sort of dark color. It was quite somber actually. Again I shook the thought from my head and went to greet some friends. As they circled around me I felt like an easter basket among coals. Finally I flippantly made a comment about everyone wearing the wrong color. Black wasnt Easter-like at all. Then I learned one of the church-isms I didnt know about, right there on the spot. My friend informed me, "you wear black on Good Friday b/c today is the day that represents his death." Jokingly I said, "well I know the rest of the story so Im dressed to represent his resurrection." We all laughed it off but deep down I felt like an idiot.
So if you didnt know this one, mark it down in your church going handbook for next year.
Easter rule #1: Wear black to Good Friday services.
Easter rule #2: Wear pastels on Easter itself.

Happy churching!!


Roxann said...

You did NOT look like an idiot!
Funny, I often feel I don't know what the "rules are" either.

Where is that handbook anyway!!!!

ps Friday night was AWESOME

MOM said...

Well, we didn't have Good Friday services when I was growing up and Easter was definitely pastels - WITH A HAT and white gloves!!! (can you tell I'm OLD???) I had never heard that rule myself. But you had a good heart and wore a SKIRT even so no worries !! I'll bet you looked terrific. And I'm totally impartial. 0)

Iz said...

I so love that you rock the boat even when you aren't planning it! ;) And who cares what you wear on Easter or Good Friday. They do call it "good" for crying out loud...what's good about His death? Good Easter, YES. "Good" Friday...not so much. I have to confess not knowing enough about church things myself...I had a Catholic client on Ash Wednesday once, and I rubbed off her ashes! "Oh, you have a smudge on your forhead..." Brilliant! ;)

We missed you guys at Wally's house for dinner yesterday...
Love ya, Boat Rocker!

Bethany Gaddis said...

I didnt say I looked like an idiot Roxanne--I said I felt like one. There is a difference. I looked hot! Just kidding!

Meredith said...

NO worries... I grew up in the church AND in the Bible Belt of the South...and I have never heard of that Rule or "unwritten" rule!!
And since when did God start judging by outward appearances. He says come as you are.... and you did! Beautifully!!!

Blake said...

I didn't know either; but Tara did! We enjoyed your cute (Tara speaking) story. How do you blog?

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