Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bono in Africa

Tonight for the first time in history, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams will broadcast live from Africa. This special report will follow Bono on his much-anticipated trip through some of the world's poorest nations.

Here is what Bono had to say:
"My journey began in Africa in 1984, when I went to Ethiopia. On my last day there, a man handed me his baby and said, "Take him with you." He knew in Ireland his son would live, in Ethiopia his son would die.

That was the moment my journey began, and today, it's continuing across Africa. I spent the last week listening to and learning from the beautiful, proud people of Lesotho, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mali, and now here in Ghana.

Every person I have met only makes me more hopeful, more convinced that Africa is rising.
It's about lives saved and transformed, it's about the girl who gets to go to school, the mothers who will live to raise their children because of life-saving AIDS drugs, the entrepreneurs thriving and providing jobs...

It is not about charity, it's about justice.

Today we are in Ghana where NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams will broadcast live from Africa for the first time. I hope you'll tune in and even host a house party and see some of the hope, the new mood in Africa, I've witnessed here."

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