Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gaddis Family Update

Ok so I feel its time to update the readers on what is going on in our world. Right now we are being inundated with graduation parties so that is why my presence has been sparse on here. Staying true to my personality I hand made all of the senior gifts we are giving and I put together a video tribute to the seniors for a youth banquet we held last night. So needless to say I have been busy... and crafty!

Jaxon is growing like a weed... all crazy with the day time napping though, sleeping in later in the morning and therefore throwing himself off the rest of the day. He runs around like a gazelle and keeps us on our toes as to what trouble he might get into next.

Also here is an update on our Africa fundraising...
Amount trying to raise: $12,900
($4300 per person x 3 people)
Amount received: $11,465
Amount needed: $1435

Praise God!! Keep praying that we will get the last little bit here soon enough! Thank you to everyone who has donated to this mission! We are so humbled by your support!

As for Nathan, he is amazing! By the way his 28th birthday is tomorrow so send him an email if you have his address. (Or you can leave him a comment on here and Ill make sure he reads it) He is doing some creative stuff at church and God is growing him as a husband and daddy daily-so cool to watch and benefit from. What a great man to spend my life with.

So thats our clan in a few short paragraphs. Florida is hot...89 degrees right now. We have a few more graduation parties to go to, then Nathan's birthday, then Nathan's sister is coming to visit, then his parents, then we go on choir tour with our youth.....and then.......ok Im tired just thinking through it all so Im going to go and tend to my son who still hasnt taken a nap yet! ARGH!

Love to you all.


Blake & Tara said...

We just sent our check late last week. Try and enjoy the time with these girls you've poured your heart into mentoring - don't work so hard that you miss it!

Anonymous said...

You do not know me but I traveled to Uganda on a Watoto trip two summers ago. What an awesome trip you're in for. We worked for three weeks in Subbi and built the primary school and administration building. I have several photos at the following address:

If I can help in anyway, please feel free to contact me.

God bless,
Greg Smith

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