Monday, May 08, 2006

The Land In Between

I work with the youth group at my church. During this time of year the 12th graders are planning for college and watching the life they have known and lived for the past 4 years or more start to fade away. I remember this time. The only difference was that I became a Christian right before I graduated high school so the idea of the old passing away and the new being the up and coming was really exciting for me.

But for most, this is a time of reflection. A time where you take inventory of your life and choose what you will take forward with you and what just needs to be left behind.

It reminds me of a place C.S. Lewis eludes to in his prequal book of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, called The Magician's Nephew. This is a land between two worlds, a land where nothing happens. No sounds, no movement, just a place where choices must be made. It is a land between the already and the not-yet, between the world of what we have experienced and the world of what we are going to experience next. It is a place where fear and courage rage a silent war, where we take steps to let the greater story of redemption choose our path, or where we set our buffers and burn bridges in order to keep our skin from bruising and our hearts from being crushed.

My prayer for the seniors, or others in this place, that might be reading this, is that you will allow the letting go of things that will just hold you back and make peace with those things. Life is beginning and growth cant happen under the weight of some of the baggage you are trying to carry into it. But the choices are up to you. Thankfully you are in the land in between what was and what is to come, a perfect place for these choices to made. Choose wisely.

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