Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Life Verse

About a month ago I challenged the girls I disciple to try and find a "life verse." This verse could take many forms. It could be a verse that had comforted, challenged or changed them at some point in their journey or it could be a verse that they want to live their life reflecting. It could even be just a verse that seems to be "following them" and shows up everywhere they turn, speaking into their heart. And this verse could change according to the season of life they were in. Basically I just wanted to teach them to relate to Scripture and apply it to their lives.

Well of course they did great and came to our next meeting prepared with their verses. I however had been having a very crazy week and hadnt been in prayer or preparation for this upcoming verse exchange at all. So I apologized and promised that I would be on the lookout for a life verse of my own as I continued to read my Bible. Well last night I found one. It comes from the book of Job and it truly represents what I want my life to look like.

"People who knew me spoke well of me,
my reputation went ahead of me.
I was known for helping people in trouble
and standing up for those who were down on their luck.
The dying blessed me,
and the bereaved were cheered by my visits.
All my dealings with people were good.
I was known for being fair to everyone I met.
I was eyes to the blind
and feet to the lame,
father to the needy,
and champion of the abused.
It was a life deep-rooted and well-watered
A life limber and fresh."

Job 29:10-20
(The Message REMIX)

If you havent performed an exercize like this yourself, I highly recommend it. It is both thought provoking and it gives a compass to guide a life by.
Happy reading!

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Cherie <> said...

I think it's great to have a life verse. I think mine would be Proverbs 3:5-6 because it just happens to stick out in my mind every time I go through a tough time. It's a very reassuring verse for me. I like that passage in Job and it really does seem to fit you :). Hope you're having a great week!

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