Monday, May 29, 2006

Nathan's birthday

Today is Nathan's birthday and to celebrate I surprised him with skydiving!!! We both have wanted to go... so this year, this morning...we did! It was incredible. Here are the stats:
Height dropped from: 10,000 ft
Freefall (without parachute): 45 seconds
Parachute: 6-7 minutes

The feeling wasnt like "falling" it was more like floating. Its the closest thing to flying I think you could ever get and who doesnt dream of being able to fly??? It was not scary at all. It was awe-inspiring and I recommend it to everyone! Go...skydive!!


Cherie <> said...

Sounds like fun...of course, I'd be the one to get all psyched up about it and then chicken out at the last minute. lol...

Tell Nathan happy birthday for me!

Kristine den Boon said...

Don't know if I could do that! I know I'd enjoy it, it's just a matter of getting over my fear of heights!
Happy Birthday to Nathan!

Randy Elrod said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are so crazy! I love it.

I miss you.


Iz said...

I agree with guys are so crazy! I love it.

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