Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Praying with my eyes open

"Silence is praise to you...and also obedience. You hear prayer in it all."
- Psalms 65:1-2 (The Message)
I've always wondered why prayer had to be, as our church always says, "every head bowed and every eye closed." One of my friends came back from a trip to Indonesia after the tsunamis devastated the area there and she said that it was then she finally learned how to pray with her eyes open.
I've always wanted to pray with my eyes open, not just physically but figuratively as well. I want to stay aware of where the needs are around me, not just so I can pray for them but so I can be obedient and meet those needs. I want to keep my eyes open to the wonders and miracles that God is performing within any given moment. I cant tell you how many times during a prayer I will be looking around at the other people with their heads bowed and eyes closed and I can see more about how the person is really doing based on their posture, their focus, their demeanor during a prayer. I dont want to miss that. I want to stay atuned to the sounds of life around me, reminding me of the constant change and growth and breath available if I just take hold of it. I want to keep my eyes open so that I may see. I want to see what God is trying to say to me through prayer. I dont just want to jabber on about myself and my needs, I want to see and hear and experience what God is doing and become a part of that. And for me, that is more likely to happen if I continue to pray with my eyes open.

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Iz said...

The other attribute of praying with eyes open is the intimacy it brings. When you are looking at your friend, praying, and that friend is looking back at you in that moment...it's such a beautiful and intimate exchange that brings God into that relationship in a new way.

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