Thursday, June 22, 2006

Deep thoughts...

Ok so maybe all of you have realized this already but something just hit me about the way God is versus the way Satan is. I have found that what God wants to accomplish in, through and with us requires our will. That means we have to choose to follow Him. We must make that decision and go there because we have been conscious, and deliberate about it. It doesnt happen on accident or without our consent, it demands our willingness in order to be fulfilled.

Satan doesnt work that way however. He doesnt have any requirements. That is why it is so much easier to follow in his direction at times. All he needs access to is our indecisiveness, doubt, lack of faith and laziness to accomplish his goals. He pounces on our weakness while God waits for our strength (strength in the sense of our willingness to rise above our feelings and choose His way, not in the sense of anything we posess apart from Him).

I was reminded of this truth because I am re-reading Captivating with our small group. Going through it again brings out bits and pieces that I missed the first time. And this is one of those pieces. In chapter 6 it talks about "healing the wound." All throughout it emphasizes that we have to initiate the process of healing by consenting to it-involving our will. It says things like, "if you'll let Him," and "healing never comes against our will," and "the door is shut from the inside." Christ asks our permission to come in and work. He is kind and waits for the opportunity to serve you when the door of your heart has been opened by you.

"I stand at the door and knock," the Scriptures say, "if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in" Revelation 3:20. So if you, like me at times, are waiting for Christ to bust down the door and do his thing you will be waiting forever. Christ does not force himself upon us, we must ask him in-more times than just in that moment of salvation. We must ask him into our brokeness, weakness, and pain. If we dont, Satan is right there ready to pounce and let me tell you, he does not mean well. He means to torture. Its our choice to let God prevent that.

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Annie said...

I was very interested in your post and I agree - God does require our will, while Satan just charges into every chink in our amour.

The reason - When Satan rebelled, God could have destroyed him. But, like us, Satan was one of God's creations, so he gave him a time to repent. Now, what to do with him while he 'thought' about it. He certainly could not keep him in heaven to taint more angels, so he cast him down to earth.

Subsequently, God created Adam and Eve. Not wanting them to have contact with Satan, God placed them in the Garden or Paradise. Unfortunately, Satan slithered into the Garden in disguise.

Now God had the same problem with Adam and Eve - what to do with them until his plan of salvation was complete? God banished Adam and Eve to the earth.

We now both occupy the earth - man and Satan. We are living in Satan's domain, so no invitation is needed. But we must invite God into that domain.

God did not give us free will to love him. Free will was for our protection. When we utilize free will to invite God into our lives -we have foiled Satan. Choose nothing - you get Satan. Choose God and Satan must flee.

God bless you.

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