Friday, June 23, 2006

Jacksonville story #2

Ok so another kid I was playing with during the day camp events was quite the fighter. He loved to punch people, kick people, etc. One day while I was playing volleyball with him (with a beach ball mind you) I was given the opportunity to offer him another option for fighting. He was trying to bend my hands into fists so that we could fight and punch each other but I explained to him that my hands werent made to be in clenched fists. Rather my hands were made for hugging. With that I grabbed him and squeezed him and held him soooo tight until he giggled himself into tears. From that moment on he became the sweetest little thing all day. At one point he noticed me drinking from my water bottle and I guess, took notes that I liked water. A few moments later he asked me if I was thirsty and I said sure, so he went and got himself a cup of Kool-Aid and me a cup of water. Upon his return he explained, " I know you like wata better dan Kool-Aid so I got you wata." It was adorable. As if that werent enough of a pleasure to see, later that day he amazed me again. While some other kids were picking on, punching, and kicking another counselor he ran up to stop them. He said, "Hands werent made for punchin' they for huggin' " and he proceeded to hug that counselor as hard as he could. I couldnt hold back my enjoyment of that moment and wrapped him up in my arms and told him how loveable he was. What a joy.

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Iz said...

What a beautiful example of the power of love! It really is stronger than hate... Thanks for sharing that, Bet.

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