Saturday, June 24, 2006

Last of the Jacksonville trip highlights

Here are some of the other highlights of the trip:

1. Watching the jr high youth pastor share the gospel message with one of the dad's who was deaf. The youth pastor was the only person who just "happend" to know sign language and was visiting camp for only 2 days. Coincidence-I think not.

2. Watching Nathan lead 50 teenagers all week long. He was so responsible, and dad-like, but still so fun and crazy! He makes an incredible leader. (Im so lucky to raise kids with him!)

3. Hearing Nathan share his experience of leading an entire family to Christ within the first 30 minutes of setting up our day camp the first day!! Wow!

4. Watching these rich kids from Naples live as broken bread and poured out wine in so many different ways in the Jacksonville community. They were bold and Nathan and I were like proud parents all week.

5. Getting to do concerts. Since the youth we took were the youth choir we had the opportunity to minister in a unique way through music. Plus is was a great release for the harder work we were doing throughout the week.

6. Assisting a man we met in the mall find a shelter to stay in and watching our kids pay for him to have a good, warm meal. Amazing.

7. Watching and hearing stories of our youth being challenged to maintain faith in difficult situations.

8. Islands of Adventure. On the last day we spent about 6 hours at the theme park Islands of Adventure- it was awesome. Nathan and I had never ridden roller coasters together before so it was quite the treat. Plus we got fast passes which allowed us to skip all the lines and go straight on!! VERY COOL!

9. Having a home concert the night after we got back. The energy was high and the kids were worshiping their hearts out!

10. Coming home and loving my son even more than I did before I left-if thats even fathomable.

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