Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lightforce Trip

Ok...Im back! The trip with the youth choir (Lightforce) went amazingly well. God was very tangible this past week. Before we left I was a little worried about what it would be like to take these teenagers of priviledge and wealth into an area of poverty and neglect. At first it was shaky but once our youth saw the children that lived there, their hearts broke and the unconditional love began to flow. It was awesome! We saw God hold off rain and tropical storm Alberto so that these events could minister to people of all ages in Jacksonville, FL. We were humbled to lead 104 people to the Lord this past week-104 people that now know the love Christ has for them---so cool. We did street ministry, mall ministry, day camps, block parties, etc. Our youth partnered with an organization in Jacksonville called Words to Works that provided the locations for us to reach out to this community-Thank You. I believe our youth and each of us leaders will forever be changed by what we experienced there. Praise God for a wonderful trip. More in-depth, personal stories from the trip to come....

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