Monday, June 19, 2006


Well I promised more detailed stories about our trip to Jacksonville so here is one...

All week we had this set of twins that did nothing but cause trouble. They didnt want their faces painted, they didnt want to do crafts, they didnt want to play the games, sing the songs, participate in the dance competitions, nothing. All they wanted to do was tear up other peoples' crafts, ruin all of the face painting materials, laugh at all the singers and dancers and try to break as many things as they could in a given day. Quickly I decided to take them under my wing. The only thing I could get them to do at first was get a piggy back ride. After a few days of that and lots of hugging (which of course they didnt like) they decided I was cool enough to hang out with and so we did. During a conversation we were having on the last day (while playing on the slip n slide) they told me that they had two mommies and no daddy. At first I just assumed they had lesbian parents but after I asked them about their mommies, I soon learned I was mistaken. Here is what they said, "Our black mommy gave berf to us. She ok but dont really care bout us." I asked, "what about your other mommy?" They both lit up! "Our other mommy love us a whole lot. She hug us, kiss us, and give us lots of animal cookies and Kool-Aid. Our other mommy is white." I commented that this mommy sounded really special and to that they laughed and said, "You our white mommy silly." I could barely hold my tears back I was so touched. That is what it's all about folks.

This picture is of me and one of the twins-cant remember which one b/c they look exactly alike.

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Cherie <> said...

What an amazing story! I've had a similar experience before. I went with my old church's youth group in Southern IL to the South side of Chicago. The kids were hard to manage at first, but as the week went on and we showed them genuine love (that they apparently didn't experience before), they were great. On the last day all the kids and all of us cried because we were sad to have to leave them. All we can do now is pray that God will bring other loving Christians into those kids' lives. Glad the trip went so well!

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