Sunday, June 25, 2006

What's Inside Will Come Out

I just finished reading a book entitled, Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. In the last chapter it makes a statement that I've always believed but couldn't articulate well. He uses images to prove his point that just made the truth that much more clearer. Its in reference to a husband and wife relationship but it rings true in any relationship or situation. Find the gold nuggets in this:

"Think of a speck of sand. If the sand gets in the human eye, it causes irritation, then infection, and if not cared for, eventually loss of vision. But put that same speck of sand in an oyster. It causes irritation, then secretion, and eventually the oyster forms a pearl. Was the sand the primary cause of the results in the eye? Was the sand the primary cause of the results in the oyster? No. If it were, the results would be the same. The sand was an agent that revealed the inner properties of the eye and the oyster. In a real sense, when life with your spouse causes irritation, you can let it develop into an infection or you can allow it to become a pearl.

Another example is the sun shining down on butter and clay. It melts the butter but hardens the clay. Heat from the sun reveals the inner properties of the butter as it reveals the inner properties of the clay.

Your spouse can be an irritant at times. We dont have to dwell on that point. Your spouse puts pressure on you, has expectations of you. Your spouse puts heat on you. In these pressure situations, you always face a choice: to react in a godly way or in a sinful way.

Our spouse doesnt cause us to be the way we are; they reveal the way we are."

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MOM said...

All relationships are a mirror - what is in us shows up and we can choose to see it or deny it & blame the other person. We need people in our lives and we need intimacy with people to show us who we really are. I like the visuals used of the sand and the sun. Sun makes me tan but burns Bob to a crisp ... we respond differently to the same exposure. Just one of the MANY ways we are different. o)

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