Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dooms Day

Well I've planned it all out and today it will begin. For the next few days I may be wanting to rip my hair out but its all for a greater cause. I may be hated for what Im doing but someday, they will thank me. The doctor says it should just take a few days of fighting, but soon he will succumb to the new way of doing things. For today is a day that will require much strength. A day that will require much patience and endurance. Today... I take away the pacifier from Jaxon. He has only been using it to sleep up until this point so although still difficult, it shouldnt be as hard as it could have been.

Please pray for me, my sanity and that Jaxon will adjust quickly. I go.


Nana said...

Nooooo! Not before Nana gets there! (Can you hear me in FL?!!) Wait until Sept. when you return-not before you leave! Well, ok, now I'm praying for your sanity and that Jaxon's adjustment isn't tooo traumatic, but is an easy transition. Maybe, he will trade one of his stuffed animals to sleep with, instead of his pacie? Or, he might want Nana to rock him to sleep when she gets there! Give my little 'sweet cheeks' hugs and kisses for me! xoxoxoxo
*P.S. If this doesn't work, Jaxon could leave the pacie as a gift for Santa with milk and cookies!?! And, the next morning, Santa can leave a gift for Jaxon. Of course, you can have Christmas in July! (Just ask his daddy!) Hummm....well, just a thought! :o)

Bethany Gaddis said...

Day #1
-Cry for two hours through Nap #1
-Sleep for 45 minutes in Nap #2 then cry for an hour.
- Sleep through the night

Day #2
- Cry for 30 asleep.

roxann said...

WOW.....two hours. You are a strong mom!! Thats a compliment!

Bethany Gaddis said...

Day #2 continued:
Nap #1 cried for 30 minutes then slept rest of time (as mentioned before)

Nap #2 Whimpered a few times within 20 minutes and then slept rest of time.

Bedtime: Rough entry, but managed to get to sleep after about 45 minutes of crying and some cuddles.

Day #3
Nap #1 Cried for 10 minutes and now asleep.

MOM said...

At least it's a pacifier and not his thumb - can't break that habit very easily. Hope for a better tomorrow means discipline today ....... You're doing great, girl!

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