Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jaxon's blue eyes

Jaxon's Blue Eyes
In these blue eyes I see so much hope
A future of brilliance, a kaleidoscope.
A myriad of colors and people and things
Oh what joy this soul always brings.
A window they call them, but surely they're more
A place to enter, more likely a door.
Each room a new facet of who he could b
Maybe just like his daddy or a little like me.
No matter what comes, his core emits beauty
And for me that’s enough, it’s more, it’s plenty.
So take a good look and quickly you’ll see
That within these blue eyes lies a future to BE.
-Bethany Gaddis


MOM said...

The love of a mother is enormous and sometimes you love so much it hurts. You can't help but wonder what these little people will do with their lives.

roxann said...

Have you put this to music yet?
You should.

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