Sunday, July 02, 2006


In an article titled Get a Haircut and a Real Job: Why a Little Ambition Might Actually be Important to Your Future in Relevant Magazine, there was a statement made that motivated me. Here is an excerpt with my motivational statement in bold:

"Life, as does morning, begins with moving your body from the horizontal position to the vertical. Nothing kills ambition more than waking at the last possible moment. Instead, eat healthier (and earlier), go to bed at a decent hour and give yourself time in the morning to exercize, pray and think! Some of your best and most original life-changing thoughts will come at the top of the day. If you want to get out of your ambitionless rut, start leading your day instead of constantly chasing it."

Ok so its not like I sleep in late or anything but I do wait until Jaxon wakes up to get my day started. Instead I should wake up a little earlier so that I can get my bearings and gain focus before the day takes a hold of me. I know that even though Im not a morning person (at all) that getting up earlier helps me think more clearly and actually makes me feel better about life itself. I learned this back when I was getting up at 4am to train for my marathon (its too hot to run for 5 hours any other time of the day in FL). Its just so hard to maintain the motivation. Maybe this article will give me a jump-start.

Wish me luck.

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